My “To-Do Book”…how I stay organized and get things DONE!

to-do book - the SIMPLEST way to get more done! It's amazing!

As you can imagine, I get asked a lot of questions from people. Money questions, sure, (I mean…that is what I “do” after all). But as I share more and more of my life in Vlogs, on Instagram, and even in person by way of speaking engagements and events, I get asked more and more about my personal and family life (which I love, just for the record! Open book, happy to share, if you couldn’t tell by my live Q&A I did the other day).

Of all the questions I get asked, the most common – by a landslide – is…”How do you get so much done?” “How do you handle all your to-do’s?” “How do you have so much energy?” or, the kicker…

“How do you do all you do?”

I always cringe a little when I get asked, because there is so much I DON’T get done in a day! I used to crack a joke and brush it off. Then I realized that, as moms especially, we are always looking for ways to get more done; to stay on top of the daunting to-do lists, and to try to tread water a little less and be proactive a little more.

Thus, I’ve decided to start actually sharing some of my tips, and someday soon hopefully, will come out with an entire program that will share all my best systems and tricks for gettin’ stuff DUN! So get ready, lots more posts and videos coming your way in the meantime, as I work on the program.

First up? My To-Do notebook. I’ve had a TON of questions about it since posting on planning our year in advance video. So here you have it! Here’s one of the methods I use to tackle my mile-long to-do list, and try to stay as organized and productive as possible.

Check out the video then come back for a giant LILY-JADE BAG GIVEAWAY!!!

But first,

Watch the video online or click and watch below:

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