The gift of self-reliance


Those moments when you really wish you had a photographer that magically followed you around so you didn't always have to rely on a selfie…

Brought my little sidekick (Priya) with me to speak to a gymnasium full of women tonight. I love speaking to groups. In fact, public speaking will beat out just about any offer. I love seeing your faces, and making eye contact, and feeding off the energy of the audience. Screens are so cold! (Literally. And figuratively. They don't even laugh at my jokes.) But tonight I did things a bit differently.

A-typical of me, I skipped the tips tonight. You can find those all over my blog, social media, and videos. I focused instead on finding peace through financial self-reliance.

My heart nearly burst as I bore my soul to the group that you CAN have the life of your dreams! You can! It's possible! It's ripe for the taking! And along with that, you can help others. You can grow and learn and conquer. We all were given the gift of life and existence. Plenty of people die before we do. We are still here because we still have a purpose! We each have a light that isn't meant to be hid…it's meant to be put on a hill to light the way for others.

I talked about how we found ourselves drowning in ($15k) credit card debt, hopeless and fearful…then turned it around in 13 months on just a $31k income and have never looked back since. The greatest blessing we have ever given ourselves and our children is the gift of self-reliance. To be debt free (except for a mortgage) is an indescribable feeling (said arms wide on a magic carpet of course…).

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Budget Boot Camp Sale: Spring…

the best budgeting program EVER!!

Hey Freebs! Whew. Holy. Moly. Cow. I am back home after my trip to New York and am suffering from major jet lag. (If you nave no idea why I was in NY be sure to follow me on

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$745 Budget Boot Camp…

  Happy Monday Freebs! As we are now approaching May (wait, what?). I wanted to check in and see how your resolutions are going?... ...That good huh? Don't worry,

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21 Last Minute Easter Ideas…


Raise your hand if you're a procrastinator! (ooh me! me! pick me!). Though, I prefer to call it "works best under pressure". Let's be honest, Easter is only a few days away, but I

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How to Contour and Highlight!…

Even I can do this!! How to contour and highlight the SUPER quick and easy way!

Happy Wednesday, Freebs! You may or may not know, but every-other Wednesday I put a new YouTube video up on a channel I contribute for called Millennial Moms. I share parenting

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Ask Jordan: Giving Kids…

Ask Jordan anything! Parenting, frugal living, marriage, beauty, nothing is off limits!

Hey Freebs! In cased you missed it, I'm in Oregon visiting my parents for spring break. While squished between two car seats, ducking down so my head doesn't block the movie for 10

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Lily Jade Giveaway! Win your…

Enter for your chance to win a Lily Jade bag of your choice.

Hi Freebs! Hi! I'm alive! I'm sorry it's been a ghost town over here *tumble weed rolls by*. Life has been crazy and something's got to give every once in a while. But I wanted to

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How I save on Groceries and…

Hey Freebs! I am still recovering from our amazing week in Italy. I wanted to be sure to share this awesome sale Deals to Meals is doing.  I have used Deals to Meals for many

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BBC Conf ’17 Budget Boot…

Budget Boot Camp Conference

Wow, Freebs, I have a huge apology to make! This year's Budget Boot Camp Conference (BBC'17) brought to you by Mountain America Credit Union and myself, was WEEKS ago! I've been

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Wanna CRUISE with me?!…

This is the best cruise I've ever seen, and it's a group cruise so it will be SO FUN!

Hey Freebs, After my last cruise I decided it would be a super fun ideas to arrange a Freebs Cruise that we could all go on! I talked about it here and the response was

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Freezer Hacks! + Things you…

Easy freezer hacks everyone needs to know! Things you can freeze, organization tips, and ways to make your life EASIER.

You may or may not know that I have a crazy addiction to freezing things. Like, it's bad. I won't even tell you how many freezers I have, because you will judge

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FREE Ebook: A Month of…

A FREE ebook to bring you an entire MONTH of healthy, affordable, oh-so-delicioso freezer meals, as well as healthy eating and meal planning tips. Freezer meals will save your life! They save you time, money, and brain space.

First of all, thank you for your kind, loving, supportive responses to my last post. Not sure what I did to deserve you all, but I'll gladly take you! Enough with the heavy

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Speaking my Truth…

speaking my truth

It's 2:04 am. I should be in bed, as I have a group of 4 year olds coming over to celebrate Beck's birthday bright and early tomorrow morning (*update: I wrote this on Friday

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