The cutest MOANA PARTY! | Priya’s 6th birthday party

Cutest Moana party EVER!!



Happy Monday Freebs! If you saw my video of Mory's first birthday, then you saw that I promised to give you details of Priya's epic Moana party that we threw for her 6th birthday. It was the cutest party EVER, and I couldn't wait to share all the details with you!

If you saw on Instagram, we had a late night making it a special morning when Priya woke up on her special day. Then, the day became special for me because…I didn't have to do anything! Usually I'm stressed, sweating, and slaving the day away prepping for the party. This year, Priya wanted to have a a friend party, and we took the fun-but-stress-free route and we were able to have the cutest Party at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium! And, as per Priya's request, we made it a Moana party. Of course.

Watch the video then keep reading to catch the deets!

So cute, right?? Ok, now onto how we pulled it off…

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